Contractor Warehouses in Sun Prairie, WI

The perfect space for local businesses to do their thing!

Rent a Commercial Warehouse Space

Are you looking for a space to manage your business? If you’re a local contractor or other local business that needs a shop or staging space, our contractor warehouses are perfect for you! 

This space is located at our secure storage facility alongside our convenient storage units in Sun Prairie. When renting our contractor warehouse space, you have private access to a bathroom, electricity, heat, LED lights, and more! 

This is the ideal space to rent to run your local business for contractors, especially. Find the space that meets your business’s needs today with Lakestone Storage.

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Why Choose Lakestone Storage?

Get the best storage around and even rent warehouse space! Learn more about what we offer.

Locally Owned

We are locals who understand what it means to run a business and need storage in Sun Prairie.

Pest Control

Our property is kept clean. Part of that process is regularly scheduled pest control.

Security Cameras

State-of-the-art security cameras help keep an extra eye on our storage facility.

Contractor Warehouse Amenities

Ready to rent your warehouse space in Sun Prairie, WI? Enjoy these amenities and more when you do!

  • Private bathroom
  • LED shop lighting
  • Electricity
  • Running water
  • Heat
  • Secure access

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